Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sleep.... or ...Shop?

I guess I could see how one could get confused....  "Megan, time to go to sleep...."  Of course this could easily be interpreted as "Time to go Shopping!!" 

Ready to go...

or maybe the pajama was a dead give away...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Un Gran Hombre

Un gran hombre es aquél que :

     elige lo justo, con inmovible resolución ;
     resiste las más fuertes tentaciones de adentro y de afuera ;
     soporta las cargas más pesadas alegremente ;
     está calmado en tormentas ;
es valiente bajo amenazas y ataques ;
     se apoya en la verdad, en la virtud y en Dios, sin  fallar.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Is my butt too big?

We all start to let ourselves go from time to time. Putting on a few pounds here and there.... at some point someone has to say, "...this used to fit me" or "...this is a little too tight for me now."

I dont fit anymore

Sometimes we have to realize no matter how hard you work at it... the older you get, the harder it is to fit into that old pair of ....hmmm.... Kiddy swing center??  What would have been funnier is if the picture of me trying to get into that thing had been taken. 

Saucer of Doom!!

"Once I figure out how to drive this thing.... I will be able to take over the world!!!!"

Where is the NUKE button!!

"'s only a matter of time....."

Thursday, August 25, 2005

...too much to blog about...

Time for Catch up.  First of all, we got some more pictures from my brother (Damian) and gang!  Very cute pictures.  They should send more often.... so we don't miss out on anything.  New Gallery!!


Obviously they are not feeding Lilian enough, and she has to find other ways of feeding herself!!!  Shame on you guys...  :-)

Not to be outdone, Paola took a picture of Sophia and me (closing my eyes)... very tricky, that wife of mine.

Sleepy eyes....

Sophia is all smiles because we just finished some grueling allowance negotiations and she will be seeing a 35% increase in fourth fiscal quarter of this year.

Megan on the other hand is donating all her allowance to chocolate... and is even picking up extra chores around the house to see if we will give her more M&Ms.


Here she is taking a turn at feeding Sophia.  Who, by the way, is starting on some formula now since she is outgrowing the milk production factory.

And lastly, but not least.  Matthew today pulled me aside, and told me to be careful.  "Mommy is not very happy today.  Mommy crashed the door with the car.  Where are we going to get another door daddy?  They cost a lot of dollars!!"

Crash indeed...

I knew by the look of that door that I needed to be on my best behavior... or else she might run over me next!!!   :-)   I am just glad it was a minor accident and no one got hurt.... no one got hurt but my wallet.

.....isn't that enough information for one day.... It is tyring me out just writing about it....  Good night all....

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sunday Afternoon Diving

This past Sunday ... after church, we were able to go to our friends house for a great time.  We took all the kids to the community swimming pool.... and swam... and played... and dived.... (until I thought I would die).  It was a beautiful and hot day.

Dive Dive !!!

The kids had fun as always.... by the end of the day ... we were all ready to collapse into sweet slumber.... wanna see bigger?  Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4  ....wish I could dive like that.... when I do it... it looks more like a belly flop.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Friday Night Hibachi

Paola and I got a chance to get dinner and a movie on Friday night.  Our niece Alex was able to come and baby sit for us.   OH WHAT BLISS!! To be able to get out ... rest and relax... and have a nice night out.  Don't get me wrong.  We love our kids... but because we love them... we need a little break away from them so that we don't go crazy and kill them.  Hehe


Dinner was great.... they did that Onion volcano that all Hibachi places do.... but this fire was a little bigger than normal...  I was a bit too close... and my hair caught on fire!!! .... I dropped to the floor and rolled around and my wife through drinks at me.

Ok... so maybe I did not catch fire.... but I did get really warm from the fire...  


Friday, August 19, 2005

Ice Cream Social

Wednesday at the school.... the kids had an ice cream social.   AN ICE CREAM SOCIAL!!!  Why did we never do these cool thing when we were their age?  I guess I am just a little jealous since no one takes me out for ice cream anymore...  :-(

Ice Cream Party

Here is a nice picture of the kids and their friends (Mikaela, Matthew, Diego Jose, and Megan).  It is rare to be able to get a picture of these kids not in motion... or fighting/playing  But I suspect they were bribed with promises of ice cream if they would just stay still for one picture!!!  :-)

Would someone please take me out for ice cream?? seriously.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Eso......

A eso de caer y no volver a levantarse
De fracasar y volver a comensar 
De seguir un camino y tener que torcerlo 
De encontrar el dolor y tener que afrontarlo 
A eso no le llames Adversidad 
Llamalo Sabiduría 

A eso de sentir la mano de Dios 
Y saberte impotente 
De fijarte una meta 
Y tener que seguir otra 
De huir de una prueba 
Y tener que encararla 
De emprender un vuelo  
Y tener que recortarlo 
A eso llamalo aceptación  

A eso de aspirar y no poder 
De querer y no saber 
De avanzar y no llegar 
A eso no le llames castigo 
Llamalo enseñanza  

A eso de pasar juntos 
Dias grises y dias radiantes 
Dias felices y dias tristes 
Dias de soledad y dias de compania 
A eso no lo llames rutina 
Llamalo experiencia  

A eso de que tus ojos miren 
Y tus oidos oigan 
Tus manos trabajen  
Y tu cerebro funcione 
Y tu alma aspire 
Que tu sensibilidad sienta 
Y tu corazon ame 
No lo llames poder humano 
A eso llamalo 
Milagro Divino  

Por: Zaida de Bakker 
Quito, Enero 14 del 2004  

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Day My Age Stood Still

Today is my birthday.  I turned 33 today.  Where once I thought that I was starting to get old... today that feeling was confirmed.  The grey is spreading across my hair like the plague.  Last night was a nice "Family & Friends" dinner.

Oh ... soo old!

Due to the fire hazard regulations, we were not allowed to put all the required candles onto the birthday flan.  ...but I had a fire extinguisher standing by... just in case.  This is really a picture of me pretending to blow out the candles..... the third time!!  Matthew kept "assisting" so we have to do this a few times.

Today, my birthday fell on Sunday.... and that means that there was the humiliation of being called to the front of the church, while everyone sings the church version of a Spanish happy birthday song.  Since all of those pictures where horrible.... mostly because I look like the hunch back of Notre Dame... I decided to include this cute picture of Sophia from today.

Sophia on my birthday.

Now you see.  Isn't that a much nicer picture to look at then an old fart?    I guess this was a nice day.... it was not at all relaxing... in fact, it was more tiring than normal, but I still loved spending it with the people I love....  and besides, today they had to be nice to me.... its my birthday!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Bring It!!

Now, being an expert swimmer.  :-)  Matthew welcomes every chance to swim.  After a grueling day working from home... we got a little break with the cousins at their community pool....

Bring It!

Today Megan ran to the deep end and jumped in.  She almost gave me a heart attack.... I swam to her as fast as I could and saw her underwater.  Holding her breath.... and just floating in the water.  I brought her up.... and she was not crying or freaking out at all.   She just looked at me and smiled.  Were going to have to keep our eyes on that one...

Friday, August 12, 2005

You really should floss more...

Yesterday I had a regular clean up at the Dentist.  They poke... they prod.... they scuff you.... they floss you.  They told me everything was ok... but then they tell you what they tell you every single time you go.  "You really should floss more."  It's almost like they have to tell you this, no matter what.  So, I ask... "Is it bad".  "No, you are doing great."  (I have never had a cavity.) "...but I should floss a little more."  "Yeah"

Floss More...

Well.... here is a little secret.  I NEVER floss.... I have tried it a couple of times, but I just can't make it a habit.  And since my teeth are ok, .... I figure I can keep neglecting them...  :-)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

First Day of Class

Today was the first day of pre-Kindergarten for Matthew.  Megan also had her first day of day care.  They seemed so excited to go.  Sporting their cool new school gear.  It's hard to believe how quickly they are growing....

First Day of School

I put all the pictures Paola took in the gallery "First Day of Class" Very cute pictures.  Check them out...

Monday, August 08, 2005

Big Hug

..."Come on now... you two play nice... Big Hug" .....

Big Hug

They are growing closer ever time.  At first when Megan and Michaela met, there was more jealous than fun... but they seem to be growing on each other.  They are actually starting to play and share...  This was taken this past Saturday.  We were all at the lake with a bunch of friends from Church.  There was a big cook out..... and I got all sunburned!!  :-)  ....but I am sure that I will recovery.

La verdadera Gloria de Cristo

Es necesario contemplar la Gloria de Cristo con mantenida concentraciòn, tratando de penetrar en profundo su identidad.  Una idea superficial de Jesùs puede ser una idea errònea, y no precisamente gloriosa.

La vision profètica de el Mesìas Redontor (Isaìas 52:2) nos previene contra este riesgo:  “No hay hermosura en El, ni splendor; le veremos, màs sin atractivo alguno para que le apreciemos.”

La Gloria de Jesùs estaba velada por su humanidad, una humanidad plena, autèntica, pero exenta de pecado; pero al mismo tiempo una humanidad inseparablemente unida a la divinidad.

A medida que ahondamos en nuestra contemplaciòn del gran Maestro y Salvador, su Gloria se hace màs fascinante. – Josè Martinez

Sunday, August 07, 2005

PieBar of yummy goodness

Friday night we got a chance to escape and check out some cool new place for dinner.  This place was called PieBar.  Very cool place.... We took some photos... and I added them to the gallery HERE.

Good times...

We got there around 9ish... and were there til almost 2am!!  We are some crazy party animals... or something like that.  Always a lot of fun with Diego and Maria Jose.

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Cake That Was...

Howdy Howdy.  Last night, Paola and I went off to meet some of the bloggers from Atlanta Metblog  They were all great... and we had a great time.  Before we went, we made a cake...well by "we", I mean Paola and the kids...

Atlanta Metblog Cake

I must say ... the cake was delicious... and everyone who had some at the party loved it.  I don't think the kids so much cared about who was going to eat the cake at the party, as just wanted to get to lick the spoons when they were done mixing.   :-)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Promised Pictures

Today we went chillin to the pool.  Matthew is doing great in his swim class.  Here he is before he went to class.  Cool as ever:


Here is Matthew doing  some swimming.  A bunch of pictures that I took did not come out well...and the rest of the time I was in the water playing with Matthew after his swim class.  Matthew can now swim for short periods of time all by himself in the deep.  Great going Matthew... 

Matthew deep...

 Its hard to think that a couple of months ago, he would not leave the first couple of steps... As I see him taking his classes, I realize that I need to brush up on my swimming skills.... I never took any classes.

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Swim Pictures... not yet.

I know... I know... I promised to get some swim pictures... but I have failed.  OH THE HUMANITY!!!  I forgot to take the camera with us... but before we left, there were some cute pictures taken... (just not from swimming).

Bring It!!!

Here Matthew is showing me the Lego empire that he is building to take over the world.  These two vehicles are submerines that will make it easy to launch his missles in strategic places when he is ready for his attack.

I'm up.

Sophia heard all the secret plans, and quickly looked up to see if she was in danger... luckily she is not yet on Matthew's radar.  But that is just a matter of time.

Matthew is Swimming!!

Yesterday I got a chance to take Matthew to swim class again... he is swimming so good.  We swam the length of the swimming pool (long) three times yesterday....without a noodle or float!  He only had to stop a couple of times.  He is more confident when I am in the water with him... but when he starts going.  He does great.  Underwater, he is practicing retrieving stuff from the bottom of the pool (4 ft), which is great practice for him.  It is very exciting to see the progress he is making.  I did not have my camera, so I will try to get a picture today when we go to class (if it does not rain and class is cancelled). 

Swim Swim Swim

Great Going Matthew!!!