Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hello Moto

Another year has passed.   Tons have happened.    My daughter Megan said to me a few weeks back, "Dad" why don't you post anything anymore.   Yeah, sorry about that.   Life has been pretty busy, but I think I just need to find the time to record a lot of the little things, and it will be better than trying to do it all.   This really is a cool place to record a lot of what happens to us.  So I will re-kick it off with this:


When Paola and I got engaged, she did not want for me to keep riding motorcycle.  During that time we knew a few people that rode that got in to a couple of bad motorcycle wrecks.  So it has been many years, but before Chirstmas, Paola said "I guess you are responsible enough now..."   blush    That day I called my sister to see if she still had that motorcycle in the garage.   Man I love riding this thing.  It's a beutiful ride and so very relaxing.   Since then I have been riding almost every day.  Along the way I seem to have picked up a riding budy.  Sophia loves riding with me.  Now we just have to keep it safe out there.

Well with that, one final thought.  I love my kids, and my wife.   God has been good to us.


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