Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sometimes the princess does not get saved.

So my son built an elaborate castle/tower where the princess was trapped.  No way to get out on her own.  There was no wooden hero to save her... but it was between a wooden horse or a wooden dog to save the day.

Of course the dog and the horse had to have a contest to see who would get to save the princess.  I was the horse… and my son was the dog.  Guess who won the contests?  The Dog

Goodbye princess


So then it was time for the dog to save the princess (yellow wooden thingy with pointy princess hat) and he charges up the ramp.  OH NO.  The dog set off a trap and the blocks came tumbling down and killed the princess.

I was in shock.  I had already suspected that the hero would be saving the princess…. Where did my son learn this twist of fate?  He seemed not the least bit concerned… and moved on to another story.  I on the other hand will need some time to adjust to this realization that even to my three year old son, the good guy doesn't always win…. and live happily ever after.  Maybe too much tv?


Friday, April 29, 2005

Tantrum Time

We had family over tonight.... lots of fun.  Drinking and talking ... and too much eating (as usual). 

My son Matthew is growing closer and closer to his cousins.  He loves to play with them even though they are bigger and older.  But eventually comes the time when they have to head out.... "leave?  but why?"  I have had this talk with my son a few occasions, but it does not seem to matter or have meaning for him yet.

And then tonight he blew his fuse..... he refused to let them go.  Screaming and kicking he just kept saying "NO!!!" 


BabyCentre "What is a Tantrum?"  "... the toddler is overwhelmed by his own internal rage; lost to the world, and terrified by the violent feelings which he cannot control."

It is done!!!

I am now proud to be an American.  Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!!


This morning I toke the oath and was given my certificate of naturalization.  I am now a respectable member of society (who cant spell well)  :-) 

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I don't want to take a picture...

So most of the pictures you see are taken by my wife.  She takes pictures all the time... and loves it.... almost like an unhealthy obsession.  :-)

I call this one.... "Happy Baby" 

Sleepy baby

When baby is happy .... we are all happy.  So you have to wonder why someone would ever want to interfear with such happiness.  For all the tea in china? but maybe for a picture.

I dont want to take a picture

Sometimes we dont want to pose for a picture... just sleep. 

Fortune smiles...

So, today I had Chinese for lunch….  “WOW Briam… that’s amazing!!!”  Yeah yeah, let me finish.  So at the end of the meal I got a fortune cookie that said: “Between truth and the search for truth, opt for the second.”

Fortune anyone?

Oh wise one, what does that mean?  I guess it’s kind of like “It is not the destination, but the journey that matters.”   Or maybe “It is not how you die, but how you live…” [You get the idea]

Well anyways, tomorrow morning I have an important appointment with INS (Immigration and naturalization services)   I have been waiting to swear in and become a U.S. citizen for over 10 years…


So, I guess it is not that I will now be an American citizen, but that I have tired to live like a good citizen.

Be Good

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's Alive... It's Alive!!

So here is a cool one.  My sister (and family) bought Matthew a very neat present for his birthday.   ... BUGS.... well, not just any bugs.  She bought him some caterpillars from InsectLore 


Very cool concept.  They send you the caterpillars (qty 5) and you take care of them for a few days.  You have to keep your kids from shaking them to death.... or feeding them to the cat.

The kids love it!!  They watch the caterpillars eat and grow until its time to move them to the butterfly garden (not the kids... the buterflies)

But what will they eat?


Foor fit for a king!

Ah yes... a meal fit for a king (a king butterfly).  Some flowers and orange slices with suger water droplets.

Then comes the hard part.... hard, not only for the kids.... but also for the dad.   We wait.

...and we wait.

...and wait.... and wait.  It takes a few days for all of the butterflies to emerge, but it is well worth it. 

Thanks Aunt Ivana, Uncle Tommy, & Nicky!!  Its the bomb-diggidy

Yeah Baby!!

New shiny toy!!

It never fails, we think as parents, we know what kids want.  But usually we are only fooling ourselves.  When they are infants, we buy them presents, as if they cared what they got.  Most of the time they are just as happy to play with a bow and wrapping paper than they are with the toy inside.

Well they start growing up, and you think they will start liking the toys that have more features.  Why not?  We like the toys that have more features.... like a new car with tons of buttons... or a stereo with all the options.... or a High Def  200 inch Television!! ...  (you get the idea)

My son just turned three... and is starting to play with more complicated toys....  But I guess every now and then you have to take it old school..... and just have fun for the sake of having fun. 

New Expensive Toy

It makes me stop and think (and remember).  I am a very blessed person ... I love my family, ...and we have soo much fun together.  I guess that all of the other "stuff" is just icing on the cake.

It could be worse....

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Someone is always watching...

Watch out... someone is always watching you.  God... your parents... your brothers and sisters.... your spouse.... your kids.... strangers....

You are being watched....

We are supposed to be a good example to our kids... but sometimes when they are not around, we let our guard down. 

"Matthew, how many times have I told you not to stick your finger in your nose?"  ...well I thought I was alone,... and had something in my nose that was itching... so why not.  Just a quick scratch....

Then out of nowhere.... captain stealth jumps out at me yelling "DADDY .... YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!!!"

How will I live that down?  All I could do is laught, knowing that my son had just taken a step closer to replacing me as head of the house hold. 

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Where is Big Bird?

"Sometimes I look out over the lake, and wonder where Big Bird is?"

Where is big bird?

My kids never cease to amaze me.  They teach me new things all the time.... or sometimes they just remind me about things I fogot.

I get so cought up in "grown up" stuff some times, that I forget that some of those things are not really that important.  I was tyring to finish up some work on the computer at home the other day, and my son wanted to play.  I told him that I had to finish up my work first, then I would be able to play.

He got a serious look on his face and then said "Dont worry daddy, I will go to my computer and send out some emails for you.... then you will be able to play with me."

So of course I stopped what I was doing, and we went to go play.  Those are the things I will remember in my old age.... time with my family.... not some silly status report that can wait until monday.

Thank God for the little reminders in life.... otherwise we would wake up someday ... with no time left with our loves ones.... and all we would have left is regret.

...and who wants that?   :-)  Not me.  Peace out.


Friday, April 22, 2005


So spill after spill... cleaning after cleaning.... You can tell your kids all day long to be carefull, but when they are playing, things are bound to spill.

So, my wife had enough of this, and made a LAW.  No drinks in the Living room.  We have been sticking to it....and the kids are getting used to it.

But what happens when they are watching their favorite show.... and get a little thirsty?  Well, it just so happens that there is a cushion seat that they started to drag to the edge of the kitchen, where they can still see the TV.

What is the LAW?

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Almost Asleep

I am starting to get that feeling of "Always Tired."  Most likely due to baby feedings every couple of hours, playing with the kids all the time, and squezzing in some work work from time to time.  (Maybe also throw in there horrible eating habits and no excersice since Christmas) 

My wife says not to worry.... I will get more rest in a few ... years.  Maybe when they are all off to college or married.

So the baby has been doing well.  Every couple of hours cry cry cry .... eat eat eat..... POOOP.  So finaly a feeding had ended, and Sophia had been a bit fussy all day .... but finaly she started to dose off.  My wife was eager to get a nap in since she has been getting less sleep than normal.

So we put Sophia in the little bouncer chair.... and she was finaly asleep when our other little angel (Megan) decided to come over and check out her new sister.

I think I made her cry... question is .... why didn't the person with the camera stop her!!!  Oh well.... at least we got this cute picture out of it.

I hope they sleep well tonight.... for all our sakes.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Proud To Almost Be An American

BAMB!!!  Over 10 years of waiting to become an American citizen, and when I had almost given up, I recieve a letter in the mail telling me its time to swear in. 

I have been raised here.  I went to most of my schooling here.  I went to college here.  I have worked here for over 10 years....  I feel like a U.S. citizen... and soon I will also have a little piece of paper saying I am a U.S. citizen!!

:-)  I guess life is funny that way.  So, do good things come to those who wait?  If so, when do you know if you have waited too long, and the good things have passed you by?

Peace out!

U.S. Flag

Another day.... another dollar...

Back to work!!  ... vacation is over.  (not that it was a vacation).  I am kinda missing the work, because it is what I love.  But I cant help but think that I could get used to being at home all the time.... if my kids didnt end up killing me. 

The more time I spend at home with my family, the more I appreciate all the work my wife does.... she is a stronger women than me  :-)   Besides, she looks better in a dress than I do.

Work and Home

Monday, April 18, 2005

Home Sweet Home!!

A few days of vaction from the kids was nice... although it was me and my wife at the hospital waiting for our third kid to be born.

We did start to miss the kids... and it was nice when they came to visit.

But now we are at home..... and the kids just think that Sophia is just a new toy.  Well our first night at home with the new one... and its that old familar schedule of sleep, eat, poop...... oh yeah... and the baby wants attention too...  :-P

Baby Time!!

On Saturday morning [a couple of days ago], my wife wakes me up (7 am) and says:

     "...I have been having painful contractions since 4 am.."

So I say, ..."you should have said something... lets go to the hospital!!"

     "...Lets have some breakfast first.... and I want to take a shower..."

:-)  ....I dont think I will ever understand women.  But I guess thats not my role.  We did not get to the hospital until after 10ish.  We did not start pushing until after 12 (noon) and we had our baby at 12:49 pm [8.13 lb : 20.5 "] 

It was a quick and painless (Epideral) delivery and Mom and Baby are doing great!!

Friday, April 15, 2005

This is my first post.

This is my first post in my first blog.... how sad. 

But today is a day of celebration ... for today is my sons third birthday!!!  They grow up soooo fast... maybe too fast?  ...what are we feeding that kid.

I hope he does not kill me in my sleep.

Peace out!