Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Many Waters

This summer we got a chance to to get family passes at White Waters for the family at a really good discount.  So, what does that mean for this merry band of kids and their two chauffeurs?  Yes, you guessed it, we went to White waters as much as possible.  With the season passes we also got a bunch of coupons so that we were able to head to the water park with some friends, so the kids hot turns picking who they wanted to bring.

Sophia and Kyden

So on this particular day [September] it was Sophia's day and she invited her friend Kyden.  The kids had such a great tan.... and I actually started to lose some of my pale white skin this summer.  smiley

White Water Girls

We had so much fun at White waters this summer that we are definitely going to have to do this again.   And of course the kids agree.


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