Friday, November 30, 2007


This past weekend, was really all about princess Megan.  She is now the big FOUR!!  And the day after her birthday was asking when her next birthday would be.  Well of course there were a ton of pictures, but I have not had time yet to go through them.  I did stumble on a few pics from some months back that have absolutely nothing to do with Megan's birthday, so I figured it would post it to buy me some time...  :-) 

Playing Chess

Here we have Matthew and a little friend playing a game of Chess.  Its all business... a true life and death struggle to the end.  Even if a few of the "rules" were adjusted to make the game more interesting...but they did take it seriously.  Maybe too seriously.


1. andre said...

I bet i can beat him

2. barbara w. said...

Love this photo. I'd love to use it a Children's Chess Poster for my local library. Can I get permission?

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