Monday, June 25, 2007

Friends Like Family

One of the biggest reasons for heading to California was to visit our very close friends.

After Church Picture

Diego (Dad) of course took one for the team.... or more accurately, is not in the picture because he is taking it.

Say Cheese

Here is Sophia and me with Maria Jose.  We have known them for years, and they have become like family.  Our kids call them Tio Diego and Tia Maria Jose (Aunt and Uncle).

Say Cheese!

When we all get together the time flies by... (not just for the adults, the kids play til the pass out).


Here is Mikaela and Megan dressing up like princesses... waiting for the prince to come along.... oh wait...

Future SpouseSophia Cube

So there is always some joking around that Diego and Megan may one day marry..    Its all in good fun... but as they get older... I think the joke is becoming more serious...  Also here is Sophia... not interested in boys yet (thank God!!) ... but very fascinated in the little Rubik's cube she has...

Horse Ride

I guess I should not worry about what may come.. and just enjoy the blessings I have at hand.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Baseball Game

While we were in California a couple of weeks ago... we had a boys night out.  Of course it first required written approval from the bosses (Paola and Maria Jose)... signed in tripplicate... deposit in cash.... significant calateral.... etc.

On The Train

This was Matthews first baseball game (not sure if it was little Diego's first).  We drove to the nearest BART (Transit) station and took the train to the station.

Ready to go

The kids were ready for the game.  They seem to enjoy the journey as much (if not more than) the destination.... [That is good enough to put in a fortune cookie]

Fast TrainHanging

We passed the train time playing around... and the kids loved it.  It was hard for them to keep still... jumping around... hanging around...  and we had not even started spoiling them with sugary junk food at the ball park yet...

Train Ride

At this point I am supposed to show a bunch of the pictures from the game.. but we did not take that many when we got there.... and they were all a bit too dark...  I think it might be time for a new camera... this one is all beat up.

After the Game

It did get a bit chilly at night... and Diego (dad) and me were soo smart, that we did not even bring warm clothing...  We had a great time.  We ate tons of junk food [Cotton candy, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream....]  A couple of die hard fans next to us gave our kids some baseball cards....  Well the kids did start getting tired... and it was getting really cold.... so we ended up heading out before the end of the game... which really only seem to partially be part of the experience... but the most important part of the whole adventure?  As we were leaving my son turns to me and says "Dad, that was the greatest game ever!"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Big boy.... First Tie ever... Mr. Cool himself.  Ready for church...

GQ Ready for my pic

Looking like GQ.  More and more he is telling us how he is old enough to do it himself... and for the most part he is..

Old Habit

Now if only we could get him to completely drop the old thumb habit.  He is almost there... this is a rare thing these days...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flying to California

So a few weeks ago we took some time to fly out to California.  We had a great time visiting really good friends, and also some family.  (Yay Lili turned 2!  more pics later)

Megan on a Plane

At first we were worried about the flight out there... and due to a large miracle, things went great.  The kids had a blast... they loved it.  Here is a nice pic of half of my head.  I thought it would be best since I can't seem to keep my eyes open for any of the pictures anyways...

Sophia on a Plane

I think it was like a big game to the kids... waiting for the plane to pick up speed and take off... using the fold out tables ad their personal desks.... and of course the ever popular musical chairs.  At first I thought this would drive people around us crazy... but they all seem to smile at the kids... which means either they have kids and understand or they had a lot of little drinks from the flight attendants and they did not care so much anymore...

Matthew on a Plane

Speaking of little drinks...if you look closely.. .you will see that Matthew has not finished the bloody Mary on his table...

Very good trip... and very good flight with the kids (going and coming)...  I guess we really don't have much of an excuse to fly with out them anymore...  I guess they are getting older....  I guess it is getting easier.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Abuelos McDonalds

The Abuelos (Grandparents) from Ecuador was treating us and the kids to a little McDonalds Celebration.

Happy Smelly

I think we were celebrating the kids finishing school or something.. I dont recall.  This was before our little escape to California...  Well here is my beautiful wife, and me... non showered and early morning... 

Kids Heavy

I was a bit smelly but I was dressed to play... so into the McMaze we went... chasing each other around.  It was a hard reminder that I am not as small as I used to be...


...or maybe they are just making these things smaller these days...

Sitter 1

Paola and I had gone on a date last night... so our Sitter Cynthia was still over.  She is super cool.. and the kids love her to death.

Sitter 2

 Its very nice having her around... it gives Paola and I the little breaks we need to go catch our sanity... while we still have it.  The kids know that mommy and daddy need their alone time... (and boy do we!)

Say Cheese

Besides... nothing puts a smile on these kids faces like the 'healthy' food we get at McDonalds.... (yeah right)

Choco Milk

Well ok ... maybe the milk is not too bad for you...

Tube Run

The kids got to have fun.... we got a little break... The kids even called the grandparents to tell them thank you......   Gracias Abuelos!!! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh Blogger where art thou?

So we have been away for a bit... more than none and less than ever.  I had hoped to get a little down time and rest to catch up on the blogging...  (The journal [blackmail] for my kids)...

Blogger SFO usual I was wrong... no rest.  But my wife did help out by taking over 600 pictures...   

I am still trying to catch up to some work stuff, but I think things should stabilize soon... (i hope)... We had a blast... the kids where great on our little trip to California... we got to see a bunch of really good friends... and also see my brother. 

More to follow.... as soon as I can go through some of these pics...  

Friday, June 01, 2007

They Ride Again

...we are on a short little trip... but I did get a chance to catch up on some pics that I have been putting off...

The streets are getting dangerous around our neighborhood.  Its not safe to walk around alone anymore..... gangs of roving motorcycles own the streets!


Like most dangerous gangs of bikers, what they really are looking for is not power or control... not to cause fear.... what they really want is a hug.

I need a hug