Friday, November 30, 2007


This past weekend, was really all about princess Megan.  She is now the big FOUR!!  And the day after her birthday was asking when her next birthday would be.  Well of course there were a ton of pictures, but I have not had time yet to go through them.  I did stumble on a few pics from some months back that have absolutely nothing to do with Megan's birthday, so I figured it would post it to buy me some time...  :-) 

Playing Chess

Here we have Matthew and a little friend playing a game of Chess.  Its all business... a true life and death struggle to the end.  Even if a few of the "rules" were adjusted to make the game more interesting...but they did take it seriously.  Maybe too seriously.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Simple Life

Growing up I remember always dreading the hair cut.... why, I am not sure, but I think it has something to do with the fear that it would turn out all crazy and pointy... possibly clown like.  I know that the odds seem unlikely, ...but the fear is there none the less.  I am sure there are adults that still have that fear... (and some that do come out with crazy freaky hair)... but social etiquette dictates that we give the cautious : "... It looks... good on you" 

Matthew Haircut

Matthew seems not to have a care in the world... never did.  I think we took him his first time before he was even one... so maybe he is just used to it.  Or maybe he would not mind if it turned out crazy.

Girl Power

Here we have a high quality picture from my cheap little camera phone... but that is not important.  What is, is that I was able to capture a bonding moment from a "Girl Power" meeting.  This is Calla with Megan and Sophia.  Calla is Casey (Squirrel)'s daughter....

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pirates of the Playground

Well, some time back I was able to grab the kids and head to a near by park... (before it got chilly).  The goal was to give Paola a break since she had some stuff to work on.  So we headed over to the pirate play set park thingy (official trademark name).

Pirate Matthew

Here we have pirate Matthew steering the boat.  He is the commander of the pirate ship "Candy Hawk".  A ship that strikes fear in to all who encounter it.

Treasure and Map

Here we have Captain Peg Leg Matthew and his crew with some treasure chest (that they still cant open) and also a coveted 'Treasure' map that will lead them to some more treasure that should set them up for life...

Walk the plank

But all is not fun in games on this ship.  Those that appose the iron rule of Pirate Matthew are forced to walk the plank!!!  ....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hallow Feast

I did find some more pics from our Halloween/Festival day ... its an odd thing really.  Paola and I growing up never really got into halloween.... we don't picket its existence... or avoid it.... we just never really got into it.

Festival Games

So we were trying to let the kids figure out what they liked and did not like.  Since all the kids they know at school were dressing up, they did want to do that...

Festival Slide

...and who doesn't want to eat tons and tons of junk food.  I even helped them with that part of it.

Festival Jump

Now when it came down to it, the kids did do a little 'door to door' trick or treating.  But only a few doors into it, they were ready to go home.  The big hit this year was the festival we went to (downtown Conyers).  There they got the best of all worlds.  Tons of kids to play with.... lines to games and slides... tons of candy...  Perhaps as they get a little older they will want more of the challenge of door to door treats.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Marcus Bowl

While cousin Marcus was in town, we got a chance to do some bowling.  Of course it was a cut throat game.

Megan Marcus and Briam

Tempers were on the raise as the competition picked up... but it was obvious who was going to win.

Marcus Sophia

Behind that little innocent face lays the heart of a killer.... killer bowler.  no mercy was had that day. .... the only thing that was missing was the cheer-leading section....

Megan Cheerleader

I have no idea where Megan got this cheerleader outfit... its not like she is in training.   Although Matthew was playing with us... I did not see any pictures of him.  Oh here he is... attacking the camera with a giant pencil!!

Matthew and Pencil

Monday, November 05, 2007

Southern Belle Farm

It took us a while to get organized, but we finally got a chance to visit a farm this past weekend.  Not only that but we were able to con convince a friend of our ours (Casey) and his daughter Cala to come with us!!

Southern Belle Farm

We have seen a couple of other farms over the year, and this was one of the coolest we had been to.  They had tons of stuff to do... and we all had a great time.  The kids even to to ride on the Cow Train...

Cow Train

They had a bunch of different farm animals to look at (and pet... and smell).  They even had pig races!!  Matthew and Megan did participate in a couple of the races (as managers... not in the race).  But it does not seem like the pig racing force runs strong in this family.  They did have one neat area where you could fire a pumpkin or corn gun.  This thing was a monster with some kick, and that corn FLEW!!!

Corn Gun

We even had a nice little picnic that Paola had made for us.... it was a very nice day.  One of the last things we got a chance to do was to enter THE CORN MAZE!!  There were three levels of difficulty... and we only hit the 'Beginner' one ..... for the kids of course.   We roamed around for hours... (ok maybe it was only a few minutes).  Check out this pic, the kids seem to know where we should be going....

Lost In Corn

Good thing we hit level one... because I have a feeling level two or three would have eaten us up alive.  ....The kids loved it... and once we escaped the clutches of the corn, there was freedom (and much rejoicing)

Freedom From Corn Maze

We all did have a great time.  The kids love it, and no one was lost, killed, or maimed.  

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Even More?

My sister Ivana came into town this weekend, for Astrid (my older sisters) birthday party.  With her she brought a few pictures from the cruise that I did not have a copy off.  So, I added them to the last Gallery of cruise pics...  Click on the pic or HERE to go to that Gallery.

Family Cruise Pic

Saturday, November 03, 2007

School Pics

A few days ago, we got the school picture proofs from the girls school.  Take a look...

Megan Proofs

Sophia Proofs

Well the moment Paola and I were looking at them... we both looked at different ones and said... "that one is better"   I wont try to sway your vote to my side, since Paola and I tend to like different pics... but I guess in the long wrong it will all be ok as long as I remember to agree that she is always right...