Monday, May 21, 2012

MedShare Visit [May 2012]

Yesterday we got a chance to go to MedShare [ ].  This is a great program that helps collected medical supply surplus and distribute it to places around the world that have need.  We have gotten a chance to do this before with our youth from Templo Hispano Bautista. 

Working at MedShare

Click on the picture above or HERE to see some better pics of the rest of the group in action.  Check out this organization and serve if you can!.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Black Hawk Sophia

Sometimes as I work away the hours to support my loving family, I wonder what they are up to.  Wife working hard with all the things that she is in charge of.  She does too much... and then I reflect upon my kids, and wonder if they are studying hard and making every moment count to excel in their work....

Sophia and her class with the Helicopter

Then I get this picture from Sophia's teacher about what they did that day.  Looks like they had a visit from a Black Hawk Helicopter!!   I don't remember having school days like that!!