Sunday, July 11, 2010

Return from Cuba

We just got back Friday evening from our Cuba mission trip, and this life and this world here seems so surreal.  God was truly working and using us while our team was there, but He was doing that long before we got there (and will continue now that we are home).  It was such a blessing to be part of His plans... so much so that I am sure we returned with more blessings than when we went.  The conference for the 150 pastors/ministers went awesome.  We got such good feedback about the classes and the content, that we can only thank God for coordinating it all.  We also all got a chance to preach or share with various groups while we were there.  The Cuban people’s faith and eagerness to share and receive His word was very humbling to us.  I will have to post on many of the things we experienced... before they slip away from my memories.

Cuba Mission Trip 2010

We took tons of pictures (as a group) and I put some of the pictures that I liked a lot in the gallery.  Click HERE to see some of the pictures (or on the picture above).