Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Mac

So there's a new puppy in town.  Well, actually its the first puppy we have had as a family.  We have had cats before, and still have Sarah (Who I am sure is loving the new addition to the family)

Little Mac

Little Mac comes to us from a universe far far away... in a little unknown planet called Conyers, Georgia.  Actually a good friend of ours (Tracy) brought him by and though he would be a great addition to the Fachisthers family.

Little Mac

After some serious debating and analysis ("PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, CAN WE KEEP HIM!!!") from our kids, we decided to accept Little Mac in to our clan...  The interesting part will be see the loving bond develop between Little Mac and Sarah

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Wind Blows

We have some great friends who keep our kids from time to time.  They are wonderful people, and I don't just mean that because they keep our kids (and survive)... 

Matthew in the wind...

Here we have Matthew versus the leaf blower...It is hard to tell who will win.

Megan in the wind...

Here we have Megan versus the leaf blower.... but between you and me, I think our little chatter box has got this one hands down.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Soccers End

Well a few weeks ago, Soccer season came to an end.  Megan and Matthew were on two different teams, and have been really playing great and loving the game!

Soccer Trophy

One of the mom's donated trophies for all the players on Matthew's team (very nice of her).  Here they are showing of the new trophy.  I was out of town on a mission trip for the last game... but I was there in spirit.  They are growing up so fast... even Sophia wanted to get in on the games (but spent much of her time just catching bugs).  Maybe next year Sophia.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tea for Three

A few months ago, the kids got invited to a Birthday party.  But not just any birthday party... it was a Girl's Tea Birthday Party.

Megan at Tea Birthday Party

Of course the girls had a blast.  There were tons of cool stuff for the kids.  Now, I must say that it being a girl's birthday tea party, it was more geared to girls.  But that would not stop the boys from having fun with the games and prizes.

Matthew at Tea Party

Here is Matthew showing off some of his bling that he had collected from the tables... Cool idea, but it might look more menacing if they weren't pink and red.