Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fishy Fish : TN

As I was catching up to the long list of things I have not yet posted about, I ran across the pictures from the Tennessee Aquarium (Nov 2008).  We had a chance to go and meet my sister (Ivana) and Nicky.

TN Aquarium

Click on either of the pictures to see a lot more from this day.  As you will notice the picture above, the kids got out of control and started destroying the sidewalks.

 TN Aquarium Group Picture

If you dig through the pictures carefully, you will find the picture of me almost losing my hand to a ferocious beast! 

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Of Megan Past

Ok ok... I know that I am a bit late on putting some of Megan's birthday pictures up on the blog.  Her birthday was in November.  But I have a good excuse!  I was abducted by aliens...

 Megan's Birthday

Well... any who.  I wanted to do a quick post and put down some of the pictures we have.  We had a chance to invite some friends from church.  All of which had bunch of kids.  That makes the numbers grow very quickly.  Click on the picture or Click HERE to see.