Monday, April 28, 2008

Grow Kids Grow

The weather is getting nice.  We are even getting some rain here and there to help fight the drought that we find ourselves in.

School Visit

Here is Megan and I last month when it was a bit cooler, but that doesn't seem to stop the kids from getting out and playing.

Learning to Bike

Here is Matthew a few weeks ago when after some practice, started riding his bike without the training wheels.  He loves it, even if there is the occasional fall from time to time.  He looks a bit big on the bike, we may need to get him a bigger bike soon.

Go Sophia Go!

Here is Sophia on her old bike.  She did indeed get a larger tricycle for her birthday a few weeks ago... (I will have to get to the B-Day pics soon)

Churchy Time

And here is the clan.  Dressed and ready for a day of worship.  The kids were a bit reluctant to pose for the picture.  They were ready to go play in their classes.

My Girls

But a little bribery (or threat) helps to get some smiles in the picture.  My Girls!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mountain Escape

A couple of weeks ago, we got a chance to kidnap the nephews and niece, (plus the grandparents) and escape to the Mountains.  We were up in north Georgia near Helen.

Mountain Vacation

We had a great time... boating, playing games, eating, more eating, .... more games... bike riding....  It was a good reminder of how old I am getting.  Or perhaps I should of how Young I am no longer.

Abuelos on Double Bike

And there is a picture I never thought I would ever ever ever ever see....   Even the abuelos showed us a thing or two on this trip.  We took tons of pictures so click on the photos to see more or click HERE.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Breakfast Mobile

With the ever climbing gas prices... comes the challenge:  Make More efficient Cars!!!  But that is easier said than done.  One promising option for the taste future has been found.  It is still in the early development stages, but with a little more development and funding, it may be a real potential for the future.

Breakfast Mobile

Its call the Breakfast Mobile (trademark pending).  Composed of a waffle center, banana tires (with a spare), and strawberry comfort center.  Add a little whip cream on top, and who can resist this ride?  This baby does zero to sixty... if you are eating while driving in another car...  Here we have proud creator, Matthew Fachisthers.  He is dedicated to test driving this until he finds a break through in fuel/motor efficiency!  (or until he has a tummy ache..)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Art Fest!

End of March, there was a fund raiser / Art Show at the girls school.  They had been making things all quarter and it was time to show them off.  Such creative ideas from the teachers.  There was a ton of stuff to look at, and a chance to buy some of the art work in various forms.

Girls Art Fest (Sophia)

Click on the picture or HERE to see more of the stuff that they worked on.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weekend For the Kids

Last weekend we were able to kidnap some of our friends kids and head down to Brook Run Park.  Its a giant park in Sandy Springs. 

Kids at play!

Tons to do and play with.  Jumping around like a mad man... swinging from all the play sets....  and the kids had fun too!  We played the morning away, and even had time to have a picnic at the picnic tables...

Ice Cream Time

After a hard day of play play play, who could deny a little ice cream break?  What kid doesn't like ice cream?  Here is Paola, Megan, and Grace enjoying a cool refreshing treat...  Once we finished off the ice cream(s), it was time to run.  There was a birthday party for one of Grace's friends, and it was a jumping place!

Daniel SWOOOOSH!!!    Noah DUNKS!!!

I don't know where the kids get their energy.... Above we have Daniel and Noah showing us how its done!  Paola and I jumped and ran through the mazes.  I half expected to find some cheese at the end of the mazes, but time and time again I was tricked... and left empty handed.   We had a great day...  and took a bunch of great pics.  Click on the pictures, or click HERE to see more pictures from that day...