Friday, February 22, 2008

Sophia Cooks

Sophia is a cooker.  Loves to help make, blend, mix, stir, season, pat, prod...all in the name of yummy eating!  Specially when there is yummy goodness intended for mommy's special birthday lunch.... some home town delectables that Paola dreams about on a regular basis.

Sophia and Abuela Cooking

To see her and the joy that she gets from cooking and helping is almost as gratifying as seeing Paola eat her favorite meal!

Cook Away!

Patty cake, patty cake, Sophia's choice... or I guess in this case it really should be Paola's choice.  Cook on little princess!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rat Behind The Curtain

There's no place like home!  There's no place like home....  Our journey home can take us to a lot of strange places... down the yellow brick road.  Off to see a wizard... but who is this guy behind the magic curtain?  It turns out that its no wizard at all!  Sure he makes some mean pizza for the kiddies.... but its all smoke and mirrors... and animatronics.

The Rat Behind The Curtain

So we had taken some family and escaped to a magical place called 'Chucky Cheese'.  We had a lot of fun with the kids.  Even when the giant rat behind the curtain started talking and singing, I thought everything would still be ok.  Megan did not seem to like the rat too much, but Matthew seemed to have other issues going on.  How did this giant rat move... and talk... why did it it not respond to any of the surrounding stimuli?  So of course, he had to go take a peek.... and here he is climbing up and over to check out the rat behind the curtain.  He did not get far before Paola spotted him and had him come back out.  But I think he got enough info to satisfy his curiosity.  Just a giant robot rat.  Click HERE to see some more pictures of us at the Rat's house.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chilly Time

Oh the weather outside is frightful... but the fire is so delightful.  The chill hit us a few times over the last month.  What happened?  We hit 70 in January... but also had two different snow days.  I guess its not time to bust out the shorts.

Megan Chilly!

Here is Megan all snuggled up and warm.  You know what?  I think that I have a hat just like that.

Sophia Chilly!

Not to be out done.  Here is Sophia in her winter wear....  Looks like they are almost ready for a blizzard.  

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Crazy Mall People

Ok, I promise this is the last of the Christmas pics... I know we are in February now, but I could not help but put one more pic here (and add some more to the previous Gallery). 

Christmas With Family

In this picture, we just happened to be in the Mall...and walking past the big tree in the center.... then the oddest thing happened.  We became 'those' people.... the picture takers.  Almost as if we were tourist or something.  There was a picture or two... then one more.. then the parents... then just the kids... on and on...   How could this have happened to us?  Now we are just crazy mall picture people.  I wonder if there is a therapy group for us?  

Friday, February 01, 2008

So fondue of you.

Some time after Christmas, and before Paola's parents and Brother's family had to go back to Ecuador, we had a chance to go out with some friends to see a blazing fire.

Fondue Outing

Here we are shortly before we are engulfed by the smoke!

Fondue Outing InLaws

Here are Paola's parents, deep in the smoke.  Where was all the smoke coming from, Ah yes:  Fondue.  We got a chance to eat out at the Melting Pot with some friends and family, so click on the pictures above or click HERE to see more of the pics.