Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First Day Of Class

So yesterday was a big day for Matthew.  His first day of school.  Kindergarten to be more clear.  I know I know... In July?  Well Rockdale starts a little early ... but they pad in more days off etc...  Matthew was so excited!!  And now his day starts off very early : 6 AM Get Up!!

Time to wake up early...

It was a strange mixture of excitement and nervousnes.... a queasy feeling ... like you were going to be sick... or maybe just hungry.  And Matthew was nervous too... 

Ready to go!

They grow up so quick... but maybe not as quick as these back packs.  Look at the size of that thing.  Almost as big as Matthew.... oh well.  Breakfast eaten.... teeth's brushed.  Backpack on.  Time to catch the bus.

Waiting for the Bus

It is still a bit dark out.... but Matthew sits, and patiently waits for the bus....  I don't remember ever going to school when it was this early.  Maybe I just blocked it out of my mind...

On the bus!

The bus arrives, and on he goes.  Ready for his first day of school.  I of course was not there for this... I was at work.  But I did call my wife to see how everything went.  She said he was very excited...

Off to school...

They grow up so fast.  Yeah.... now I can say, "my kid is in school... hes studying to be a doctor..."  ...ok ... maybe not yet.  No call from the school.... no news on the TV about some crazy kid starting a fire at the elementary school.... all seems quiet...... too quiet.

Back Home

And quicker than the wait to go.... The first school day is over.  Matthew runs home...


Tired... He had fun... All went well.... only got time out once (for hitting some kid that him him first).  Not bad for the first day of school.... we did not have to go to the hospital even once.  I think he will be just fine...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Of baths and candy

We actually got a chance to get some rest this past weekend.  (We even rested from taking any pictures... buts thats ok... you didn't miss much).   My mom and sister Astrid (and one of her son's Andree) came over to spend the night.  The kids played until they passed out, and the adults watched movies until after 2 or 3 am.

 The kids seems to focus on mostly playing, but periodically they would stop to graze... that reminded me of the (long gone) Candy eggs of yester year....

Candy Eggs

Little tiny candy eggs.  That came in a little tiny egg case.... ???  I am not sure what that was about.... or why the emergency need to transplant them to the larger egg carrier.  But one thing is for sure... You should never put all your eggs in one basket... If you look closely you will see a little hand helping herself to some candy eggs, while older sister is being distracted for the picture.

Bath Time

Yeah thats right.  Tricky little Sophia.  More and more Sophia is using that silly smile, and innocent "...I didn't do it..."   Almost like she is preparing for bigger and more sophisticated violations.  ... we are really going to have to keep an eye on her.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A simple thing

How often do we not do the right thing?  Sure its easy not to kill people... or rob banks...  Things most of us would never do.  Its easy.  We just dont have to do anything.  Sometimes I think we take the easy road just because its less work, not because of right or wrong.  Are we just basically lazy?

Our Wedding

(A picture from our wedding)

Last week I was thinking of some nice things about my wife, and how blessed I am, and a thought passed my mind.  Why don't I tell her.... a simple sharing of good though can make a persons day.   So why don't we do it more often?  I need to ... I have too many people that I love in my life not to share my good thoughts with them...  This is what I wrote about my wife:

Eight short years of marriage and I still look at my wife like we are on our honneymoon...

...Its hard that a day goes by where I dont wake up and look over at my beautiful wife... she makes me feel giddy like a little school boy.  I see her in her peaceful sleep...and I can actually feel my heart skip a beat...often I wonder what in life I did to even come close to deserving this life... shortly there after I thank God for my blessings..

...I know that true love does exist.... I live it...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cali Fair

While we were in California...we got a chance to go to a Wine fair.  But to tell you the truth, we did not really make it to any wine.  With all our kids and our friends kids, we pretty much were planted at the rides and ponies.  Which was fine.  The big boys were mostly on the bouncy things... and the girls were mostly interested in seeing the animals and ponies.

Megan on a Horsey

Click on the pics to see some more pictures from this day.  The kids (as always) had a great time.  They ran around until all the parents were tired... and never once asked us to buy them any broccoli or asparagus..... just candy and popcorn.

Sophia and Horsey

The best part about the whole thing is that there was no pain on my back (like when I am the horsey).... only down side is the pain that I felt on the old wallet ... thanks to the nice ponies...  Click HERE to see more pics from the festival.

Giddy Up Horsey

Ah the pains of being a father.... they go deep.  Very deep.  Sometimes down to the lower vertebrae.


Either these kids are getting heavier...or I am getting older.  Most likely both....  Pray for me.

Red Handed

So we just got back from Florida (yes... again).  And as normal there are tons of pics... so I will get to them as soon as I can (yes... again).  Well one of the 'events' was my nephew Gabriel who turned the big UNO.  Very cool cook out party on the beach...

Cup Cake Proof

So Matthew comes to me... and says "Daddy, can I have a cup cake..."  I of course ask him if he has already had one.... Look at the pic... the chocolate around his mouth.... So I say "Matthew, are you sure you did not have one?"  At that point he knew the game was up.  I did what any respectable father would do..... I told him to ask his mother... 

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Swimmy Swim 2007

Kids are at it again... Swim Swim Swim (Click on the picture to see more Swim Pictures)

Swim Gang

Matthew took one of the classes, but the teacher said he was bored with the class.  So we had to get him some semi-private classes teach him something new.  They told us he is ready for swim class... Sometimes he says he would like that... and sometimes he says he would rather be playing video games.

Snack Time

Here they are taking a little snack break after some hard working swim classes... Megan is doing really well.  She loves to play in the pool, as long as someone is there to cheer her on.  Sophia on the other hand is more of a free spirit, and has no fear...  both love their noodles and are doing very well....   Dont forget to click HERE for more pics (or the pics above)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wings of a Chicken

We got a chance to escape tonight for some relaxing wings at the nearby Wild Wing. Matthew right of the start was begging for wings... In his entire life, I have only seen him eat wings once. He usually just wants chicken fingers (or the like).


Now look into his eyes. This is no mere child who wishes to try something new. There is a cold steely danger in those eyes. Eyes that know what they want… and that won’t be denied. A look of hunger that goes beyond mere food cravings…
Everyone notices…. Megan and Sophia look at their brother, almost as if he were a stranger. Almost with fear…


The kids eat well…  Megan has her chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese. Sophia as well, but she tends to like those things that grow from the ground for some reason… maybe we can get her some help or some medicine or something to help fight this issue. Matthew eats like a mad man, and keeps asking for more. We have to cut him off eventually … before it is too late! Perhaps next time little man… perhaps next time.

Weekend Past

Elmo, like a guest that won’t go away,... returns. I do have to hand it to Paola... very nice handy work. She does have a talent... And for the little boy who would enjoy his 2nd birthday, she has created a masterpiece!
Elmo Returns
Meanwhile, back in the bat cave: The kids quest for new forms of entertainment. Something new and exciting.  Sure they could probably play with the playground in the backyard, but that almost seems too easy. 
 Yay!      Yay
So why not take one of the beds apart and make your own slide?
Yay!     Yay! 
Of course its all in good fun until someone losses an eye…. [but not this time]. Well at least these little adventures help to wear out the rug rats. Making them more agreeable to night time and naps.
 Nap Time
Well although this is a common scene... it is not always the case.  Sophia has already started down the road to fame.  She tends to lean toward the rock and roll side of music.

Rock On!!

All in all, this is turning out to be a very busy summer.  The kids are running around crazy with no school..... for now.... and this summer is hot.  At least they do get a few days a week in swim class....

To the pool!

Who knows... maybe I will even be able to get a little sun tan on my pale white skin...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Anniversary : Eight

Eight wonderful glorious years of blissful marriage.  And here are the pics that don't really prove it... but we like to share.

We Chillin

Its good to reflect on ones life... as often as possible... why?  why not....  I will tell you why (even if you didn't ask)....


When we reflect, we can appreciate (or learn to) the good things God has given us... and on the bad things, we can work on improving or fixing what we can...  and because we are human... and we tend to forget...


We were trying to get away for a few days... but it did not work out that way, so we did the next best thing... we lined up babysitters for the major part of three days... and just went around doing stuff together....

Fish Market

We had a really good time.  But it was not what I would have called relaxing.  We did so much stuff...we caught some movies... we ate at a couple of cool places...  we went to the park.... we went dancing.... yatta yatta


One of the nights we ate at Nava with some friends... Tons of fun.  We also got a chance to go dancing at Havana club... before they tear down the Buckhead area.  Here is what I always wonder.... why do people always want to take a picture of the table with food?  That always just seems like an odd picture to want...


This picture.... I just wanted to posts Onofre (friend on left).  If you know Onofre... you know that he is a clown... and this is the most serious picture of him I have ever seen!

We We

So a great anniversary weekend!  But you know what... even if we had not been able to get away.... or get baby sitters.... I would still have been happy and grateful, because I am truly a blessed man.  More than I could ever deserve.

Play or Pay

Here is little Sophia... "I will not beat up the other kids..."  100X

I will not

I really have no idea what was going on when this picture was taking... I am sure that she was just playing and drawing.  But it always reminds me of the Simpsons.. the intro where Bart is punished and has to write on the chalk board.

Bart Board

In case you are curious... I generated this HERE.