Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Christmas past...

I know I still have not caught up on all the Christmas goodness.  And tonight is no different.  Just some tidbits to tide you guys over until I have more time....

For example, did you know that little kids like receiving a severed head in a box? 

Head in a box

So Megan had some great plans for painting the face... combing the hear...etc.  Matthew on the other hand had some crazy ideas involving sharp knives and prisoner demands.

This last Christmas we did try to focus on the real reason for Christmas... but all the kids heard was... only one present to each person!!  We are still talking with their lawyers to dismiss the child abuse accusations.

One Each

...some did break the "One Present" rule this Christmas, and we are looking at next Christmas, breaking into their homes and putting stuff back.

I, on the other hand, received blackmail as a gift.  I know have a monthly payment to an unnamed gift giver.... in order to keep my sorted secrets properly tucked away in the closet.


....thats all I got for tonight.  Soak it in... and reflect.  And keep your "secrets" closet locked up tight!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

How do you work this thing?

....when you get a little lost in the technology....

Learn it...

I don't blame Tommy for asking these guys for a little help... I do the same thing from time to time...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Closer to catch up.

You think I would be caught up by now.... or you know me... and you knew I would not be caught up by now...

Not to be outdone... Matthew jumps into the ring.  Ready to go toe to toe to win the title....



Don't worry ... Sophia did not mind getting rid of the hat.  But if you look carefully, you will notice that Megan has some protesting remarks to share....

These pics are a little closer to Christmas... which means that my brother (wife and daughter) were in town.  Maybe it was the stubborn streak in the family... but harsh words soon broke out into some crazy kung fu action!!  ...hopefully time will heal these wounds.

Kung Fu

....and then it happened.  As rare as a solar system alignment of all the planets!!!....  East meets West..... (they live in California....)  Ha Ha .. I kill myself.


Liliana and Sophia.... as different as night and day....  They both seemed very serious to see each other.  More of a curiosity really.  they share half the blood line... and look so different.  But both very cute.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Maybe a new Christmas tradition in the works.  You pick the youngest member of the family.  Then you find a funny hat and make them wear it while you take a picture.


Well, I don't know.  Sometimes I see these pictures and I kind of have an idea what happened before I got home from work.  But sometimes.... I just have no idea....  I keep thinking one day it will be a picture of me asleep.... with some silly hat on.

Monday, January 09, 2006

One last one...

Here was a cute picture form the kids Christmas party before the holidays...


Its hard to get these kids to stay putt in one place... but here it is.

Catching up III...

Paola and I can not have any more kids.  It is true.  Some think it is a matter of money.... or space in the house.  Some even point to the fact that I got a vasectomy.   But the real reason that I can't have any more kids is even simpler....

No more rooms

...its just a matter of logistics.  I don't have any more arms.  I can't carry any more kids.  So its settled.  This is the right amount of children.

Catching up II...

The holidays brings out the good in most people.  But in some ... it also brings out some bad..... bad hidden secrets that can't stay hidden for too long.  Like poor innocent Sophia... so full of life and hope... and possibilities.... Just to find out that she has a drinking problem...

Need a soda fix!!

....the shame.  Hopefully we have caught it in time, and will be able to get her some counseling.

Catching up...

Before there was Christmas... there was happiness in the expectations of Christmas!!

...oh thats how it went.

...these kids always seem to be full of questions.... even with out Christmas... So we got our learn on... and actually read a Christmas book with out the jolly red suited guy.

Friday, January 06, 2006

...were back.

We just got back today from Florida... and I know I have not put anything up here since before Christmas... but there was no time.  I will get a chance to catch up now that we are back.

..what are you eating?