Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The little snow men....

They look so cute and innocent.... no not the kids... the snow men.  Paola loves them... and I think they are up to no good.  I have seen them whispering things to the kids... asking them to break things... and eat candy.... I am sure the kids would not be doing these things if someone was not putting them up to it....

Snow Men

Sophia is still safe from their influence... today she was saying "Mama... and Mami..." .... she no longer seems to have any interest in saying "Papa".  I must remember that... and deduct it from her allowance when she is older.


She is still not walking ... but that that is ok...that gives us more time.  So we can catch our breath.  My brother and Sister (should be) are in town!!  My dad and brother came by for a quick visit.  We hope to see them some more during these holidays.  Yeay!!

The bad side of Christmas...

There are a lot of happy good stories during Christmas..... but no one speaks about the dark side.... about the evil Snowman Monster that terrorizes the countryside.


Like capturing a rare photo of the Lockness monster... or the abominable snowman (if you will).... so is this photo ultra rare....  I have a few calls into a couple of newspapers to see who will pay the most for this rare rare photo.... Sadly enough the other person in the photo was completely destroyed by this monster.... and I was powerless to help... but do you blame me.  Look how intimidating this monster is!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Twas very close to the night before Christmas...

... and unlike the storey.... you could hear all the creatures (kids) stirring...  and with stirring comes of course, Christmas pictures....


You will notice that the tree has no presents under it..... thats for the safety of the boxes... they would surely be destroyed instantly... [Sooooo tired... more to come]

Thursday, December 15, 2005

....why is it the kids favorite game?

One game that all kids seem to love... and never get tired of... is "knock down daddy and beat him up...."

Get him!!!

It does not seem to matter how old.... or young.  They seem to love this game..... basically they push on me... and I fall over... then they jump on me until I cry....  Matthew still loves this game.... and so do the girls..... 

I just hope they are not still playing this game when they turn 18!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A day in the life of Sophia

Its not all parties and travel being a super rock star baby.  Deep down past all the glimmer and stars.... there is a normal baby.

Here is Sophia's assistant (Megan) helping during the morning wake up routine.

Time to wake up

Short of bringing in the morning paper, Megan helps by yelling "WAKE UP SOPHIA"... and still our rock star baby is able to keep a smile for the camera crew.

Here we have Sophia brushing the four teeth that she currently has... I think a few more are starting to poke their way out.

Brush Brush Brush

...I guess that is just about it.  After that its all parties and travel.  We will have to work on her party habits... she is starting to show bags under her eyes from little sleep.... no wait... the bags are mine. 

Cake III: The icing strikes back!

Skill.... Thy name be PAOLA!  Getting better every time.  Its amazing how wonderful these cakes are becoming.... almost life like.

Cake III :  Getting much better...

....I have seen some of the stuff that Paola aspires to create... and she is getting closer.  The best part about it is the smile that she gets when it is completed..... she almost does not want us to devour it... since it is destroying her work of art. 

Monday, December 12, 2005

New street gang in town!!

Beware!!  There is a new street gang in town.... well ... not so much a "street" gang ....more like a kitchen gang.....

Get back...

.....you better not be carrying change ... or candy.  They will take you down!!  You have been warned!

Tip for Tap

In our house there is a law of physics that can not be broken.  For every Girl in Pj's there is an equal and opposite Boy in Pj's...

Sleepy Time

Behold ... Matthew in his sleepiness...!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sleepy Time...

....too late.  Time to get some sleep.  Too tired for words?  We just got home from a long long weekend.  But tons of fun!

PJ and Bed time...

....this was last week... "I can't sleep... I need some chocolate milk..." Isn't that always the case?

...Go to bed...

...and this is another picture of the kids in pajamas... and not wanting to go to bed....  I guess they feel that they might miss something.  Now sleepy time calls...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Of Clowns, Cake, Monkeys, and Daddy's Girl

...What truly makes the world go round?  ....passion for our work... or loving someone.... or being loved.  Oh so close!  I think I have found the perfect formula.... unfortunately the formula is only good for one day.... and as it happens, it was Megan's day..... Not really on the day of her birthday ... but the day the family could get together and celebrate.... this was over a week ago... but I have been busy/lazy.

INGREDIENT ONE:  For the perfect day: CLOWNS!!  I know that some people fear clowns... and it freaks them out.... (Emi?)

Nice Clowns....

Paola got a chance to show of some of her new found skill and put together these darling little (no fear causing) clowns.  The irony here is that they are supposed to make you laugh or smile, but they you are expected to pop their heads of and eat their bodies?  I don't think I will ever understand that part of it.

INGREDIENT TWO:  For the perfect day: A Monkey!!  Well, since we could not get a permit to keep a monkey in the house, we had to do the next best thing.

Monkey Girl

Some kids, when you ask them "What sound does a monkey make?" all they do is make the sound.  But not my little girl.  That question alone triggers a transformation that turns this sweet little girl into a crazed wild monkey!  But no one has gotten hurt, so we have not felt the need to lock her away.

 INGREDIENT THREE:  For the perfect day: Cake!!  Not just any store bought cake.  It must be lovingly hand crafted by the "Mom".  No other substetute allowed.  It would make the formula not work properly.

Yummy Cake

...down to the smallest piece of icing and flowers... made with love. 

....and what is the result of this?  THE PERFECT DAY!!!

Daddy's Girl

A loving family.... and blessing we don't deserve... Thank God that the day did not pass without us appreciating it..... like many we do.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Get in that Kitchen...

I have this cute picture of Megan .... playing with Play-dough... as if she were going to cook something.

Learning to cook...

Maybe she will grow up like Paola and love to cook... or maybe she just likes to squash things....  At least she has not asked me to try anything she has made.... but I am sure that will come in time.  As for Sophia... I think she is currently working on being an animal trainer.

Back beast....

Although that can be a dangerous profession, especially with Lions, I am sure that once you command their respect, it is not too bad.  Be careful Sophia!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I did promise...

I did promise a couple of times that I would get the pictures out there... and it took me awhile... but I finally did it!

Birthday Girl

It was a fun party, but the part I enjoyed (I don't know why....) was putting the number 2 candle on Paola's cake...   ...she did not seem to want to destroy the mater piece.

The pictures are all here in the Gallery.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Starting to feel a lot like Christmas!!

The temperature is dropping.... and the mittens and hats are coming on.  It is getting cold... and might actually start feeling like winter soon.  Good thing too... because we are in December.

Getting Cold

I am hoping that this picture will distract you from the fact that I don't yet have Megan's birthday photos out there already....   ...soon ... I promise.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Megan's B Cake

Last weekend we had a blow out party for Megan's birthday party.  I have not yet gotten a chance to put all the pictures together... but I promise.  Soon.  But here is a picture of the Dora cake that Paola made.  She made the cake and decorated it... and all the little cup cakes... very delicious!!

Two Years Old

Paola and I are the perfect match.  She has the skill for making these beautiful works of food... and I have the skill of eating these beautiful works of food...   I will get more pictures of the party together soon... I promise.